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What is Wisconsin Crime Alert Network?
The Wisconsin Crime Alert Network from the Wisconsin Department of Justice allows local, state, federal, and tribal law enforcement agencies to send out crime alert bulletins to businesses and the public targeting recipients based upon type of business and location. Alerts are sent via email and SMS text to those signed up to receive alerts.
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How does Wisconsin Crime Alert work?
You will receive crime alerts from law enforcement agencies based upon where you are located and the type of business or organization you have, or if you are a private citizen.
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What is a Wisconsin Crime Alert Account?
Any business or individual may sign up for a Wisconsin Crime Alert account. You can add multiple devices (email and cell phones) to a Wisconsin Crime Alert account. Alerts can be sent to all devices listed in your Wisconsin Crime Alert account.
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Can individuals subscribe or do I have to have a business?
Individuals can subscribe and are strongly encouraged to do so. For the "category" you select you will pick "General Public." You also have the option to select if you are a neighborhood watch member.
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Who sends out alerts?
Alerts are sent out by law enforcement officers from local, state, federal, and tribal law enforcement agencies.
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What types of alerts will be sent?
Alert types may include:

  • Crime Prevention
  • Finding Stolen Property
  • Identifying Suspects
  • Locating Missing Persons

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Why is an alert issued sometimes days after the crime occurred?
Often when an crime has occurred there may not be enough information to issue an alert. During the course of the investigation as more information is developed, suspect information, suspect or vehicle photos, the investigating officer may later decide that they have enough information to put out an alert. It is not unusual for an alert to be sent out several weeks after an crime has occurred and this is because it took that long to develop enough information to put out an alert. There are also situations where during the course of an investigation information was learned which then causes the officer to make the decision to send out an alert. There are also investigations where the case is sensitive and there is information which law enforcement is not yet able to make public. If and when that would change, such as making public that there is a surveillance photo of the suspect or vehicle, or that there is tentative suspect identification, the investigating officer may then decide to put out an alert. The time between the date/time that the incident has occurred and the date/time that the alert is sent out does not minimize the importance of the alert and may include just obtained information or photos.
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Will my cell phone work?
Wisconsin Crime Alert uses email and the text messaging (SMS network) feature of your cell phone to deliver alerts. The alerts come across like a page on a pager. ALL cell phone carriers, and paging companies, offer text messaging. Nearly all phones purchased within the past few years are text messaging capable. If you are unsure, contact your carrier to ask about your phone and text messaging.
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